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Updates - border collie

Bardick Magick Border Collies
Wylie Bardick Magick x Askka Bardick Magick Border Collies
added: 09.06.2018. 12:08:28   visits: 21
Date of birth:
July 2018.
Bardick Magick Border Collies
Trust Your Heart Around The World (Aslan) x Dona (Vera)
added: 09.06.2018. 11:17:40   visits: 18
Date of birth:
June 2018.
Mawlch Warp x Mawlch Rua
added: 15.03.2018. 13:11:22   visits: 189
Date of birth:
Extra Jackpot Of Shadowman x Asa
added: 18.01.2018. 14:37:05   visits: 322
Date of birth:
Branko Dobravc
Mawlch Wisp x Astra Kala
added: 23.11.2017. 08:53:43   visits: 404
Date of birth:
December 2017.