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Planned litters

Vala Liburna
Burin Vala Liburna x Tramontana Vala Liburna
added: 25.08.2017. 18:44:08   visits: 309
Date of birth:
October 2017.
Branko Dobravc
Mawlch Wisp x Astra Kala
border collie
added: 23.11.2017. 08:53:43   visits: 125
Date of birth:
December 2017.
Extrajackpot Of Shadowman x Asa
border collie
added: 18.01.2018. 14:37:05   visits: 14
Date of birth:
March 2018.
Mr X (na razmatranju) x Toonian Reggae Sunsplash
collie smooth
added: 25.08.2017. 18:37:43   visits: 252
Date of birth:
April 2018.